All-Inclusive Event Exhibitor Representative Service!
Our Event Professionals Do Everything for You

Event Representative Service (ERS) for Exhibitors is perfect for foreign companies outside of China that want to be exhibitors at events in Shanghai.  Shanghai is one of the world’s top cities for expos, trade shows, exhibitions, conferences, and other events.  Companies around the world want to be exhibitors at these major events in Shanghai because they attract millions of visitors each year.  However, many companies do not have the time, money, staff, and other resources necessary to take on this project.  It takes a lot of time and money to plan, produce, and attend an event in another country where you have no local resources.

We provide everything a company needs to participate in any event in Shanghai without the company needing to send its own staff to attend the exhibition.  We set up your exhibition booth, print your company materials, and provide trained Chinese and English speaking staff to attend your booth during the event.  This is the perfect opportunity for companies around the world to introduce their company at major events in Shanghai without paying the usual high costs related to participating in exhibitions in foreign countries.

Our Shanghai Event Representative Service is an all-inclusive service package for a standard international booth size of 3m x 3m and basic services which includes Setup exhibition booth and company materials, Translate company materials to Chinese language, Locally Printing company materials, Provide and Train event staff on company products, Distribute company materials at event, Manage event booth, Lead Capture, and Provide event reports, data, and information after the event.



The Event Process

  1. Event Planning and Design – detailed planning and information, plan the booth and materials design, translate company information, print company materials, and prepare a visitors FAQ list.
  2. Chinese Translation – we translate your company materials into Chinese language to reach a wider local audience at your Shanghai event.
  3. Local Printing – we print your company materials and banners using local Shanghai printing companies to save you money on printing and shipping costs.
  4. Event Setup – we setup the event booth, arrange company materials and perform final preparation checklist before the event begins.
  5. Event Staff Training – we assign and train local event staff on your company background, products, and services in preparation of attending the event.
  6. Attend Event – we manage your booth, distribute company materials, promote your company’s brand, and gather valuable visitor information.
  7. Event Reports – we create event reports with all of the information, data, and results of the event.  These reports will include all leads captured at the event.